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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 120

MALE 1/4" NPT (FIG. A) TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM kbcdBD ײ׀ֿk h`kefDםם kfhfBD ײ׀ֿk bk`fDםם hgkiiBD ײ׀ֿk fiekaDםם kffiBDײ׀ֿk akedDםם hjelhaD׶״װ װֽײ׀ׁׄ DUAL KEY MICRO-LINK RECEPTACLES TM ׀׷׃׀ׁׁ׀ׁDB׵BDײּ׶־ kicfDײ׀ֿk hkcDםם hjglgiDׯ׶ֿDװֽײ׀ׁׄ MALE 1/2" NPT (FIG. B) SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS Lock Nut Contact Shell O-Ring Wire ELECTRICAL Voltage Rating Current Contact Resistance ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Operating Temp CERTIFICATIONS Recognized, File No. E165657 Certified, File No. E165657 OPTIONS #18 AWG (PVC) Leads Stainless Steel Shells (Not available on back panel mount styles) NOTES For use w/ shielded cordsets, add suffix “9" (ex: 202P0010P9). Knock-out dimensions in Tuff-Link Technical Reference Section. kiadB ײ׀ֿk gkgDםם hkiiBD ײ׀ֿk gdkeDםם hgkiiBD ײ׀ֿk fiekaDםם kebBDײ׀ֿk hhk`eDםם hjglheD׶״װ װֽײ׀ׁׄ Plated Steel (not pictured) Brass, Gold Plated over Nickel Machined Aluminum, Clear Anodized Nitrile Rubber #22 AWG PVC Insulated 26 x #36 Stranding, 80°C 250 VAC/300 VDC #22 AWG-2 to 5 Pole-4A, -Pole-3A/#18 AWG 5A ) 5m 1 kfhfBD ײ׀ֿk bk`fDםם ׀׷׃׀ׁׁ׀ׁDB׵BDײּ׶־ khhdDײ׀ֿk gk`Dםם hjglgiDׯ׶ֿDװֽײ׀ׁׄ FEMALE IP67 -20°C to 80°C k `fiB ײ׀ֿk gfkcDםם kffiBDײ׀ֿk akeDםם hjelhaD׶״װD װֽײ׀ׁׄ 1/4" NPT (FIG. C) ׀׷׃׀ׁׁ׀ׁDB׵BDײּ׶־ kicfBDײ׀ֿk hkcDםם hjglgiDּ׶װ׀ײ׶ׄ׸Dװֽײ׀ׁׄ FEMALE BACK PANEL MOUNT (FIG. D) THRUST WASHER GASKET .85" REF. 21.6 mm .02" REF. .50 mm TRIM WASHER LOCKNUT 12.000" REF. 304.8 mm 120 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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