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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 123

SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS CORD CONNECTORS TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM Body O-Ring Contact Coupling Nut PVC Nitrile Rubber Brass, Gold Plated over Nickel Machined Aluminum, Anodized #22 AWG PVC 26 x #36 Stranding, 105°C, UL Recognized, CSA Certified #18 AWG PVC 41 x #34 Stranding, 105°C, UL Recognized, CSA Certified MICRO-LINK SPLITTERS TM Cable WIRE MESH GRIPS Cable Diameters #22 AWG PVC w/o braid, 3/C-.18", 4/C-.19" #22 AWG PVC w/braid, 3/C-.23", 4/C-.25" #18 AWG PVC, 3/C-.29", 4/C-.29" ELECTRICAL PICO-LINK Voltage Rating ENVIRONMENTAL Protection Operating Temp OPTIONS 250 VAC/300 VDC IP 67 -20 C to +105 C O O #22 AWG PVC with & without braid (single key) #22 AWG PVC with braid (dual key) #18 AWG PVC (dual key) Stainless steel couplers MICRO-LINK SPLITTER PART NUMBERS Number of Poles (4) Dual Key (4) Single Key (M12) Wire Gauge (AWG) #22 (PVC) #18 (PVC) Type "A" Splitter 204ILSA0010T 304ILSA0010F Type "B" Splitter 204ILSB0010T 304ILSB0010F ETHERLINK MINI-LINK ׸׀׶־װֽ kgdiB ckfd D םם gkfiB dakeg D םם kgdiB ckfd D םם khbbB D ׁסשk ekdi D םם ¸ Ŀîæ òçî· hkfaiB fdkid D םם hkdiiB fakh D םם ¸ ĸòçî· ¸ Ŀîæ òçî· MULTI-PORT BOXES kagdB gik`c D םם kgdiB ckfd D םם TYPE "A" ׸׀׶־װֽ D ׄ gkidB dgkib D םם ׸׀׶־װֽ D ׃ ¸ Ŀîæ òçî· ¸ ĸòçî· ¸ Ŀîæ òçî· BUS SYSTEM PRODUCTS TYPE "B" 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM 123

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