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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 136

SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS ENVIRONMENTAL PVC Stainless Steel Brass, Gold Plated over Nickel Machined Aluminum, Black Anodized #16 AWG Type STOW, 65 x #34 stranding, 105° C 2/C-.37", 3/C-.39", 4/C-.42", 5/C-.50", 6/C-.53" OPTIONS #16 AWG TPE Cable ELECTRICAL #18 AWG (PVC) Plug Assemblies (300 V) Voltage Rating Contact Resistance 600 V Stainless Steel Couplers ) 5m 1 Plastic Couplers Protection Operating Temp CERTIFICATIONS Recognized, File No. E165657 Certified, File No. E165657 IP 67 -20°C to 105°C TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM Body Contact Sleeve Contact 2 TO 6 POLE PVC MINI-LINK CABLE ASSEMBLIES TM Coupling Nut Cable Cable Diameters DOUBLE END CABLE ASSEMBLIES CABLE ASSEMBLY PART NUMBERS Number of Poles Male Face View Female Face View Wiring Color Code 1-White 2-Black 2 AMP RTG. @ 600V 13A 13A 13A 13A 1-Green 2-Black 3-White 13A 13A 13A 13A 1-Black 2-White 3-Red 4-Green 10A 10A 10A 10A 1-White 2-Red 3-Green 4-Orange 5-Black 1-White 2-Red 3-Green 4-Orange 5-Black 6-Blue 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A Cable Length 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT Male/Female Assembly 102G0030AP 102G0060AP 102G0120AP 102G0200AP 103G0030AP 103G0060AP 103G0120AP 103G0200AP 104G0030AP 104G0060AP 104G0120AP 104G0200AP 105G0030AP 105G0060AP 105G0120AP 105G0200AP 106AG0030AP 106AG0060AP 106AG0120AP 106AG0200AP 3 4 5 6 1.00" 25.4 mm 1.00" 25.4 mm 2.24" 56.89 mm CABLE LENGTH 2.24" 56.89 mm MALE/FEMALE CORDSET 136 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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