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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 146

SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS ENVIRONMENTAL Rubber Brass, Gold Plated over Nickel Stainless Steel Machined Aluminum, Black Anodized (Stainless Steel available) #16 AWG NBR/PVC Rubber 65 x #34 stranding 90° C, UL Recognized SOOW, CSA Certified 2/C-.37", 3/C-.39", 4/C-.42", 5/C-.50", 6/C-.53" Protection Operating Temp CERTIFICATIONS Recognized, File No. E165657 Certified, File No. E165657 OPTIONS Stainless Steel Hardware can be specified -add “1" after Part Number; to specify 18 AWG Cable, add “-18" after the Part Number. For Nylon hardware -add “N" after Part Number. Consult the factory for custom cord lengths, and a full range of wire management product accessories. IP 67 -20°C to 90°C TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM Body Contact Sleeve Coupling Nut 2 TO 6 POLE RUBBER MINI-LINK ASSEMBLIES TM Cable Cable Diameters ELECTRICAL Voltage Rating Contact Resistance 600 V ) 5m 1 PLUGS AND CABLE ASSEMBLIES WITH #16 AWG SOOW-A CABLE PLUG ASSEMBLY PART NUMBERS Number of Poles Male Face View Female Face View Wiring Color Code 1-White 2-Black 2 AMP RTG. @ 600V 13A 13A 13A 13A 1-Green 2-Black 3-White 13A 13A 13A 13A 1-Black 2-White 3-Red 4-Green 10A 10A 10A 10A 1-White 2-Red 3-Green 4-Orange 5-Black 1-White 2-Red 3-Green 4-Orange 5-Black 6-Blue 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A 8A Cable Length 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT 3 FT 6 FT 12 FT 20 FT Male Straight 102B0030A 102B0060A 102B0120A 102B0200A 103B0030A 103B0060A 103B0120A 103B0200A 104B0030A 104B0060A 104B0120A 104B0200A 105B0030A 105B0060A 105B0120A 105B0200A 106AB0030A 106AB0060A 106AB0120A 106AB0200A Female Straight 102A0030A 102A0060A 102A0120A 102A0200A 103A0030A 103A0060A 103A0120A 103A0200A 104A0030A 104A0060A 104A0120A 104A0200A 105A0030A 105A0060A 105A0120A 105A0200A 106AA0030A 106AA0060A 106AA0120A 106AA0200A Female 90º 102C0030A 102C0060A 102C0120A 102C0200A 103C0030A 103C0060A 103C0120A 103C0200A 104C0030A 104C0060A 104C0120A 104C0200A 105C0030A 105C0060A 105C0120A 105C0200A 106AC0030A 106AC0060A 106AC0120A 106AC0200A Male/Female Assembly 102G0030A 102G0060A 102G0120A 102G0200A 103G0030A 103G0060A 103G0120A 103G0200A 104G0030A 104G0060A 104G0120A 104G0200A 105G0030A 105G0060A 105G0120A 105G0200A 106AG0030A 106AG0060A 106AG0120A 106AG0200A 3 4 5 6 A-Size 1.52" 38.61 mm 1.00" 25.4 mm 1.42" 36.07 mm 1.00" 25.4 mm 1.00" 25.4 mm 1.92" 44.77 mm CABLE LENGTH 1.92" 48.77 mm 1.00" 25.4 mm CABLE LENGTH CABLE LENGTH 1.92" 48.77 mm STRAIGHT PLUG MALE/FEMALE CORDSET 90° PLUG 146 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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