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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 150

SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS ENVIRONMENTAL Brass, Gold Plated over Nickel Stainless Steel Machined Aluminum, Black Anodized (Stainless Steel available #16 AWG/600 Volts 26 x #30 Stranding Viton Plated Steel (not pictured) OPTIONS Stainless Steel Hardware can be specified -add “1" after Part Number. 600 V ) 5m 1 Consult the factory for custom wire lengths, and a full range of wire management product accessories. NOTES *-Not available in stainless steel. Knock-out dimensions in Tuff-Link Technical Reference Section. Protection Operating Temp CERTIFICATIONS Recognized, File No. E165657 Certified, File No. E165657 IP 67 -20°C to 105°C TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM Contact Sleeve Shell 2 TO 6 POLE MINI-LINK RECEPTACLES TM Wire “O" Ring Lock Nut ELECTRICAL Voltage Rating Contact Resistance RECEPTACLES WITH 12" PIGTAIL LEADS PLUG ASSEMBLY PART NUMBERS Number of Poles Amps Male Face View Female Face View Wiring Color Code 1-White 2-Black 213 102P0010M 102U0010M 102PF0010M 102Q0010M 102V0010M 102QF0010M Male Straight Male 90 Degree* Male Flange Mt.* Female Straight Female 90 Degree* Female Flange Mt.* 313 1-Green 2-Black 3-White 103P0010M 103U0010M 103PF0010M 103Q0010M 103V0010M 103QF0010M 410 1-Black 2-White 3-Red 4-Green 104P0010M 104U0010M 104PF0010M 104Q0010M 104V0010M 104QF0010M 58 1-White 2-Red 3-Green 4-Orange 5-Black 1-White 2-Red 3-Green 4-Orange 5-Black 6-Blue 105P0010M 105U0010M 105PF0010M 105Q0010M 105V0010M 105QF0010M 6 A-Size 8 106AP0010M 106AU0010M 106APF0010M 106AQ0010M 106AV0010M 106AQF0010M hgB fieka D םם bjalhc D ׯ׶ױlgׄ hkibB gbkha D םם keaB hgkh` D םם hkgdiB hkibB gbkha D םם khdcB hk`eB e`kga D םם hjgBlhe D ׶״װ hkhfB D ײ׀ֿk gakbi D םם ׂׄײ׵ױױ D ֿ׸ׄװױ hgB fieka D םם ׮ּװ׵׶ D B׵B D ײּ׶־ kaciB D ײ׀ֿk hkgdiB kbdiB kdheB khgdB hgB fieka D םם hkffB ffkb` D םם 90° RECEPTACLE RECEPTACLE RECEPTACLE WITH FLANGE 150 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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