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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 151

SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS ENVIRONMENTAL Brass, Gold Plated over Nickel Stainless Steel Machined Aluminum, Black Anodized (stainless steel available) #16 AWG/600 Volts 26 x #30 Stranding Viton Plated Steel (not pictured) OPTIONS Stainless Steel Hardware can be specified -add “1" after Part Number. 600 V ) 5m 1 Consult the factory for custom wire lengths, and a full range of wire management product accessories. NOTE Knock-out dimensions in Tuff-Link Technical Reference Section. Protection Operating Temp CERTIFICATIONS Recognized, File No. E165657 IP 67 -20°C to 105°C CORD CONNECTORS TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM Contact Sleeve Shell 6 TO 8 POLE MINI-LINK RECEPTACLES TM Wire “O" Ring Lock Nut ELECTRICAL Voltage Rating Contact Resistance WIRE MESH GRIPS Certified, File No. E165657 PICO-LINK RECEPTACLES WITH 12" PIGTAIL LEADS MICRO-LINK PLUG ASSEMBLY PART NUMBERS Number of Poles Amps Male Face View Female Face View Wiring Color Code 1-Orange 2-Blue 3-Black 4-White 5-Red 6-Green 1-Wht. Blk. Tr. 2 Black 3 White 4-Red 5-Orange 6-Blue 7-Green 1-Orange 2 -Blue 3-Wht.-Blk. Tr. 4-Black 5-White 6-Red 7-Green 8-Red-Blk. Tr. Male Straight Female Straight 6 8 B Size 106BP0010M 106BQ0010M ETHERLINK 6 7 5 7 107P0010M 107Q0010M 6 7 8 MINI-LINK 87 5 108P0010M 108Q0010M hkecB fbkiaDםם hBlhcDׯ׶lgׄ keaB hgkh`Dםם MULTI-PORT BOXES hjgBlheD׶״װ hkhfBDײ׀ֿk gakbiDםם ׂׄײ׵ױױDֿ׸ׄװױ hgB fiekaDםם ׮ּװ׵׶DB׵BDײּ׶־ BUS SYSTEM PRODUCTS RECEPTACLE 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM 151

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