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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 164

TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM TUFF-LINK BUS SYSTEM CONNECTOR PRODUCTS TM TUFF-LINK™ BUS SYSTEM CONNECTOR PRODUCTS Developed to meet DeviceNet™ and other CAN network architecture, the Tuff-Link family of Bus System Connector Products are designed for harsh industrial environments including IP68 conditions. The product line includes connectors, cable assemblies, receptacles, molded tees, terminators and several types of multi-port junction boxes all of which meet NEMA, IEC, UL & CSA standards. THE FAMILY OF BUS SYSTEM CONNECTOR PRODUCTS INCLUDES: • Both Mini-Link™ and Micro-Link™ 5-pole connectors which are available as either single or double-ended cable assemblies in a variety of male/female and straight/90° configurations with optional stainless steel couplers • Mating male or female panel mount receptacles for any cable assembly configuration. • These receptacles feature both an O-Ring and locknut to create the tightest seal possible – which are features that most other connector manufacturers offer only as an option. • Mini-Port and Micro-Port Bus Box in two styles: Passive feed-thru and passive drop • Passive feed-thru boxes are ideal for applications where the trunk line of the bus network is adjacent to machines since this style box takes the place of a molded tee. -Both the Mini and Micro versions of the passive feed-thru box are available with 4 or 6 ports. • Passive drop boxes are available with 4, 6 or 8 ports in both the Mini and Micro sizes. The Tuff-Link Bus System product family also includes tees and terminators molded from durable PVC with optional stainless steel couplers. 164 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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