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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 188

TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM MATERIAL/APPLICATION GUIDE -CABLE JACKET MATERIAL COST TYPE SOOW & SJOOW RUBBER Excellent resistance to oils, acids, chemicals, water, ozone, Extreme temperatures, cuts, tears & abrasion. Flame retardant & highly flexible. Indoor/outdoor rated. Sunlight resistant. Moderate to High TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Extra hard usage on industrial equipment, heavy tools, motors, welding with hot substrates like weld spatter, machinery mining applications, and where solvents, oil and coolants exist. PVC (POLYVINYLCHLORIDE) Excellent flame, heat, oxidation and moisture resistance. Good performance in a wide range of temperatures. Good resistance to tearing & abrasions and resists some cutting fluids. PUR (POLYURETHANE) Excellent resistance to oils, solvents, greases, oxidation, ozone. Excellent cut-through, tear, and abrasion performance. Resistant to many industrial fluids. Poor resistance to steam, high temperatures and acids. Long flex life. TPE (THERMOPLATIC ELASTOMER) Excellent ozone, chemical, oil and water resistance. Rated for constant flexing. Highly flexible and resistant to flame, weld slag, broad range of chemicals & corrosive cutting fluids. Excellent abrasion resistance, wide range of operating temperatures, good weatherability. SILICONE Excellent high temperature resistance. Temperature range -65 to +260 degrees C. Low General assembly applications, general industrial machinery, controls & control instrumentation. Other applications include general wiring, and outdoors. Not suited for high-flex applications. Moderate High abuse areas including metal cutting and machining. High-flex applications including robotics. Good in cold temperature & freezer applications. Good in applications with mechanical abuse, vibration and impact. Moderate General use in harsh environments. Ideal in automotive plants – welding robots, machining and general use. Mobile equipment or machines. High-flex applications like end of arm tooling, grippers, robots and other automated equipment. Moderate to High Food processing, packaging, refrigeration, furnaces, foundries, glass manufacturing, steel mills & other high temperature processes. MATERIAL/APPLICATION GUIDE -COUPLING NUT MATERIAL STANDARD OR OPTIONAL ANODIZED ALUMINUM Stronger & more durable than regular aluminum with increased corrosion resistance and surface hardness. Highly resistant to scratches & wear. Resists moisture and salt spray. Durable and equipment, pulp and paper. easy to maintain -cleans easily. STAINLESS STEEL Rated to IP68 and can withstand 1200 PSI applications with water, detergents & surfactants. Corrosion resistant, retains strength at high temperatures, easy cleaning, attractive appearance, excellent impact resistance, high resistance to shock at low & high temperatures. Provides the longest protection against freezing and rusting. NICKEL PLATED BRASS Superior protection against corrosion. Provides enhanced appearance and superior conductivity. More economical than stainless steel. Resistant to salt water, weak acids and alkalis, alcohol, esters, ketones, ether, gasoline, mineral oil, animal and vegetable oil. PEEK POLYMERS High performance thermoplastic with melting temperature of 649°F. Exceptional strength. Excellent resistance to wide range of chemical environments even at higher temperatures. Insoluble in most common solvents. Can be used in steam or high water pressure. Resistant to oil, fire and smoke. Standard TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Good to use in applications where durability is critical including food manufacturing & prep equipment, automotive production, general manufacturing, marine industry, medical & dental equipment, pulp and paper. Optional Excellent for wash down environments and food industry applications or any place caustic materials are used. Ideal for use in hospitals, dairies, automotive, conveyors, chemical & petrochemical plants, oil & gas offshore and onshore, power generation. Standard Ideally suited for washdown environments in food processing plants at ASTM salt spray tests indicate corrosion resistance with similar properties of stainless steel. Also suited for wastewater treatment facilities, offshore & marine industry. Optional Well suited for use in automotive and transport machinery, food & beverage equipment and parts, industrial and chemical processing equipment, medical & healthcare devices, military & defense equipment, oil and gas machinery, deep drilling components textile machinery. 188 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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