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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 199

TUF FF F-S -SE EA AL TEC T CH NOL O OG GY Y TM MC CABLE CONNECTORS CROSS REFERENCE Thomas & Betts "ST" ST050-462 ST050-464 ST050-465 ST050-466 ST075-467 ST075-468 ST100-469 ST125-470 ST125-550 ST125-471 ST150-472 ST150-472 ST150-473 ST200-551 ST200-551 ST200-474 ST200-474 ST200-475 Crouse Hinds "TECK" TECK050-1 TECK050-2 TECK050-3 TECK050-4 TECK075-5 TECK075-6 TECK100-7 TECK125-8 TECK125-9 TECK125-10 TECK150-11 TECK150-11 TECK150-12 TECK200-13 TECK200-13 TECK200-14 TECK200-14 TECK200-15 Appleton "TMC" TMC5076 TMC5076 TMC5099 TMC5099 TMC75121 TMC75121 TMC100138 TMC125163 TMC125163 TMC125188 TMC125188 TMC150200 TMC150220 TMC150220 TMC200238 TMC200275 TMC200275 TMC200275 OZ/Gedney "MCJ" MCJ-50-63 MCJ-50-75 MCJ-50-88 MCJ-75-97 MCJ-75-111 MCJ-100-119 MCJ-100-136 MCJ-125-156 MCJ-125-156 MCJ-125-175 MCJ-150-198 MCJ-150-198 MCJ-200-222 MCJ-200-222 MCJ-200-247 MCJ-200-247 — — O.Z./Gedney "JMC" — JMC-50-76 JMC-50-99 JMC-50-99 JMC-75-121 JMC-75-121 JMC-100-138 JMC-125-163 JMC-125-163 JMC-125-188 JMC-125-188 JMC-150-200 JMC-150-220 JMC-150-220 JMC-200-238 JMC-200-275 JMC-200-275 JMC-200-275 OZ/Gedney "TN" TN-50-65 TN-50-80 TN-50-80 TN-75-95 TN-75-110 TN-100-125 TN-100-143 TN-100-143 — — — — — — — — — — Adalet PLM "JAG" JAG 65-05 JAG 75-05 JAG 85-05 JAG 95-05 JAG 107-07 JAG 121-07 JAG 138-10 JAG 138-12 JAG 156-12 JAG 174-12 JAG 188-15 JAG 200-15 JAG 218-15 TUFF-SEAL CROSS REFERENCE STRAIGHT, NONINSULATED STANDARD MC CABLE CONNECTORS Remke "RTK" RTK-050-1 RTK-050-2 RTK-050-3 RTK-050-4 RTK-075-5 RTK-075-6 RTK-100-7 RTK-125-8 RTK-125-9 RTK-125-10 RTK-150-11 RTK-150-12 RTK-150-13 RTK-200-14 RTK-200-15 RTK-200-16 RTK-200-17 RTK-200-18 TUFF-LINK CROSS REFERENCE MINI-LINK OLD / NEW PART NUMBERS ALPHA NUMERIC INDEX JAG 236-20 JAG 236-20 JAG 247-20 JAG 261-20 — These crosses are suggested crosses only. The Min./Max. "Over cable O.D.'s" are not exact from supplier to supplier. It is suggested that a specific cable diameter be given for a more accurate cross. CF=Consult Factory HAZARDOUS-DUTY MC CABLE CONNECTORS Remke Catalog No. XTK-050-1 XTK-050-2 XTK-075-5 XTK-075-6 XTK-100-7 XTK-125-8 XTK-125-9 XTK-125-10 XTK-150-11 XTK-150-12 XTK-150-13 XTK-200-14 XTK-200-15 Hub Size NPT ½" ½" ¾" ¾" 1" 1¼" 1¼" 1¼" 1½" 1½" 1½" 2" 2" Appleton Series TMCX050A TMCX050A TMCX075A TMCX075A TMCX100A TMCX125A TMCX125A TMCX125A TMCX150A TMCX150A TMCX150A TMCX200A TMCX200A T&B Series STX050 STX050 STX075 STX075 STX100 STX125 STX125 STX125 STX150 STX150 STX150 STX200 STX200 Cooper Series TMCX165 TMCX165 TMCX285 TMCX285 TMCX3112 TMCX4140 TMCX4140 TMCX4140 TMCX5161 TMCX5161 TMCX5161 TMCX6206 TMCX6206 NOTE: The Min. / Max. "Cable Range Over Jacket" Are Not Exact From Supplier to Supplier Therefore Only the Product Series is Listed. It Is Suggested That A Specific Cable Diameter Be Given For A More Accurate Cross. 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM 199

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