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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 30

SPECIFICATIONS Enclosure NEMA 3R NEM 514B 514 Bod & nuts -aluminum, Bodies stee steel or stainless steel Scre Screen -stainless steel USA TUF F -S E A L TEC T CH NOLO NOL O G GY Y TM UL Standard Standard Materials Country of Origin DRAIN FITTINGS DRAIN FITTINGS Condensation within an electrical enclosure is s a common c om ommon and an d potentially dangerous occurrence. currence. To fight this problem, Remke ke Drain Fittings are installed d at the bottom of the enclosures or in nduit system to drain away moisture a lower section of the conduit caused by condensation. These fittings provide continuous ventilation for the prevention and/or release of condensation when properly installed in the appropriate location. Offered in 1/2 and 3/4 inch NPT sizes, Remke Drain Fittings are precision machined of high-quality stainless steel, steel or aluminum to assure a long service life. These drain fittings are also installed in hubs or drilled & tapped openings and are easy to remove and install for maintenance. ORDERING CHART DRAIN FITTINGS Thread Size 1/2 NPT 1/2 NPT 1/2 NPT 3/4 NPT 3/4 NPT 3/4 NPT Material Aluminum Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Steel Stainless Steel Part Number RDC50A RDC50S RDC50SS RDC75A RDC75S RDC75SS DRAIN FITTINGS Drain Fittings are usually installed at the bottom of the cord grip/ enclosure to drain moisture caused by condensation. 30 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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