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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 2

Remke Electrical Cable Connectors & Cord Grips ™ T EC HNO LOG Y Industrial-Strength Cable Connectors and Cord Grips for Heavy-Duty Applications in Any Environment Largest & Most Diverse... With one of the largest and most diverse lines of cable connectors and cord grips, Remke Industries has been focused on manufacturing top-quality electrical connectors, , DOOPDGHLQWKH86$IRURYHU
\HDUV1RPDWWHU\RXUUHTXLUHPHQWV&#0f;HQYLURQPHQWRUDSSOLFDWLRQ&#0f; SSOLFDWLRQ&#0f; we have you covered with a vast inventory of connectors ready to ship to OEMs, contractors actors and GLVWULEXWRUVDOORYHUWKHFRXQWU\$QGLI\RXUVSHFLÀFDWLRQVFDOOIRUFXVWRPHQJLQHHUHGFRQQHFWRUV&#0f; RQQHFWRUV&#0f; we can manufacture them for you! Small and large run, custom engineered solutions are re the answer to demanding electrical connection applications. Remke delivers industrial-strength ngth HOHFWULFDOFRQQHFWRUVZLWKSHUVRQDOL]HGVHUYLFH&#0f;RUGHUÁH[LELOLW\DQGFXVWRPVROXWLRQV Environmental Protection From Harsh Environments 5HPNH·VOLQHRILQGXVWULDO
VWUHQJWKFRUGJULSVDQGFDEOHFRQQHFWRUVGHOLYHUWKHEHVWPDWHULDOV and construction to protect important electrical connections from destructive elements. Gain long-term reliability and stability with the right connectors from Remke. The Remke family of Cord Grips, Cable Connectors & Wire Mesh Grips Do you know that Remke offers more types of cord grips than the 'big name' electrical manufacturers? cturers? It's true. Our family of standard Tuff-Seal TM products comes in more sizes & variations than those ose other guys guy s including: g gy including: g • Strain Relief Cable Connectors • 1LFNHO
3ODWHG$OXPLQXP&RUG*ULSV • Valox ® Cord Grips • 1\ORQ&RUG*ULSV • Stainless Steel Cord Grips • Dome Cap Cable Glands • PowR-Teck™ Metal Clad Cable Connectors • Multiple Hole Bushings/Cord Grips • Waterproof Cable Connectors • Corrosion Resistant Cord Grips • Festoon/Flat Cable Connectors • Lighting Connectors • Wire Mesh Grips including standard support grips, lace closing support grips, rod closing support grips, I grips, wide range strain relief grips, bus drop grips,  MXQLRU OLJKWGXW\SXOOLQJJULSV Meeting the Needs of A Single Customer :LWKRXUH[SDQVLYHFRPSRQHQWLQYHQWRU\5HPNHFDQFUHDWHPRUHFRQÀJXUDWLRQV combinations than anybody else. Engineered solutions are available to all FXVWRPHUVZLWKQRDGGLWLRQDOIHHV:KHQWKHSURGXFW\RXQHHGGRHVQ·W exist in the standard line talk to us ..... The Remke Engineered Solutions team . Why Choose Remke? When you choose Remke you say goodbye to logistical nightmares like delivery times and product quality from RIIVKRUHSURGXFHUV0DGH
86$PHDQVZH&#0a;UH literally/physically closer to you so that cable connectors & cord grips can be delivered when you need them. 2

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