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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 5

POWR-TECK™ MC CABLE CONNECTORS Remke PowR-Teck™ MC Cable Connectors feature an exclusive one-piece design that nobody else provides. The other guys give you 4 or 5 pieces to assemble DQGLI\RXORVHRQH\RX·UHRXWRIOXFN%XWQRWZLWK Remke! When you choose our PowR-Teck connector \RXJHWWKH3RZ5
7HFNFRQQHFWRUV are in-stock in ½” to 4” hub sizes in aluminum, nickel-plated aluminum and stainless steel. Other features include: • 8QLTXH3RZ5
/RFN*URXQGLQJ6HDOIRU superior conductivity • 1HRSUHQHEXVKLQJSURYLGHVVXSHULRU pull-out & sealing protection • Embedded Viton ® O-Ring DOME CAP CABLE GLANDS Remke Dome Cap Cable Glands provide easy handling, quick installation, impact and abrasion resistance even at very low temperatures. These cable glands are designed WRZLWKVWDQGWKHULJRUVRIFRQWLQXRXVÁH[LQJ EHQGLQJ with ease and can be used with a wide range of cables for strain relief both indoors & outdoors. Dome Cap Cable Glands are rated IP 68 making them suitable for use underwater to 300 feet -ideal for submersible applications as well as pumps, fountains and PDULQHXVH([FHHGLQJ1(0$VSHFLÀFDWLRQV The expanded family of Dome Cap Cable Glands includes: • 6WDQGDUG1\ORQ&RQQHFWRUVDYDLODEOHLQDZLGHUDQJHRI VL]HVZLWKHLWKHU137RU3JWKUHDGV • 1HZO\GHVLJQHG*(1(0&FDEOHJODQGVSURYLGHHDV\ insertion of cable from either side without damaging FDEOHVKLHOG)HDWXUHVLQWHUQDO&#0a;ÀQJHUV&#0a;&#0b;RUWLQHV&#0c; with larger contact surfaces that allows low contact resistance on woven cable braids and foil shields. • Spiral-Flex Extended Connector offers greater support and arc of bend preventing sharp bends or kinks in cable, and for additional damage protection from moving machinery or machine parts. • 1LFNHO
3ODWHG%UDVV&RQQHFWRUVLQDYDULHW\RIWKUHDG VW\OHVLQFOXGLQJ137&#0f;,620HWULFDQG3JWKDWDUH ideal for use in a wide variety of applications including corrosive and industrial environments. • &#1c;
PHWDOOLFFDEOHJODQGZLWK 137WKUHDGV • Ventilation Plugs reduce the adverse affects of humidity in the environment by preventing pressure increase inside the enclosure & limiting temperature increase through air circulation. Vent plugs are permeable to gases and vapors but impermeable to liquids and dust. • Accessories including O-Rings, Locknuts and Blind Stop Plugs. Dome Cap Cable Glands are easy to install in either clearance or threaded holes. You simply insert the cord and tighten the “dome-nut” to create a tight seal and relieve any strain on the cable. And no disassembly is required. MULTIPLE HOLE BUSHINGS Multiple Hole Bushings are used when multiple FRQGXFWRUVQHHGWREHWHUPLQDWHGLQWRRQHÀWWLQJ They are available in a slit-style or any standard form VL]HDQGZLWKDQLQÀQLWHQXPEHURIKROHFRPELQDWLRQV 6WDQGDUGEXVKLQJVDUHPDGHIURP1HRSUHQH&#0f;EXW optional materials include silicone for high temperature applications and Viton ® for enhanced corrosion resistance. FESTOON CABLE CONNECTORS Tuff-Seal TM Festoon Cable Connectors are specially designed and molded for heavy-duty, flat cable or festoon system applications. Festoon Cable Connectors replace the traditional two-screw connector at the critical point of termination between the plant environment and the internal wiring of the festoon system. This unique design gives the user the ability to place multiple cables through one connector saving both time & money by eliminating the need for multiple terminations and therefore multiple connectors. XTK CONNECTORS FOR HAZARDOUS LOCATIONS 5HPNH3RZ5
7HFN;7.&RQQHFWRUVRIIHUFHUWLÀHG SURWHFWLRQIRUKD]DUGRXVORFDWLRQV,IWKHDLULVÀOOHGZLWK ignitable dust, vapors or gases selecting the correct ÀWWLQJLVFULWLFDOO\LPSRUWDQW Available in hub sizes from 1/2" to 2", Remke XTK &RQQHFWRUVSURYLGHWKHPHDQVIRUSDVVLQJMDFNHWHG metal clad cable through an enclosure or bulkhead in hazardous areas. These connectors keep out the elements while maintaining the equipment's hazardous location approvals. Providing NEMA 4 protection, XTK Connectors are UL & CSA approved for these environments: • 8/&ODVV'LY&#0f;*URXSV$&#0f;%&#0f;&&#0f;'&#1e; • 8/&ODVV,,'LY&#0f;*URXSV) * • 8/&ODVV,,, • &6$&ODVV'LY &#0f;*URXSV$&#0f;%&#0f;&&#0f;'&#1e; • &6$&ODVV'LY &#0f;*URXSV(&#0f;)&#0f;*&#1e; • IEC Zones 1 and 2, Group 2 OTHER TUFF-SEAL PRODUCTS The Tuff-Seal line also includes several other products including: • Watertight Conduit Hubs are zinc die cast in sizes from ½" to 4" with an embedded O-Ring and unique angled serrations that provide a reliable watertight seal. • Threaded Adapters easily convert or mate one thread style with another including both internal and external WKUHDGVWKDWPDWH137ZLWK,620HWULFDQG137ZLWK 3JÀWWLQJV • Liquidtight Connectors – Type 304 stainless steel body IHUUXOH&#0f;UDWHG,3&#1b; 1(0$;&#0f;DYDLODEOHLQDYDULHW\ of conduit sizes for use in wet or dry locations to seal electrical connections and prevent corrosion under the most adverse of conditions. 5

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