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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 72

GRIP SIZE—MULTIPLE CABLES To determine grip size when more than one cable is held in a single grip, measure envelope of cables to be held using a diameter-circumference tape. For oval configuration (or where envelope of cables cannot be measured) please contact factory. BUS DROP GRIPS Bus Drop Grips are for indoor use only. • Support flexible cord or cable when supplying power from an overhead source. • Designed to support weight of cable, relieve tension and absorb vibration, or flexure. • Supports the load without damage to the cable. • Prevent pullouts which can cause accidents, downtime, and loss of production. CLOSED MESH Used where end of cable is available. Grips may be slid along considerable length of cable faster—easier than using split groups. • Easy installation. Bus Drop Grips with Safety Springs can be used to absorb sudden strains caused by accidental hitting, pulling or bending of the cable. They are used primarily where flexible cable connects electrical equipment to bus duct. They are also used to support or restrain air hose and water hose. Double Bus Drop Grips store excess cable neatly. Bus Drop Grips with Safety Springs and Strain Relief Grips can provide a complete flexible cord system which adapts to any layout. The Strain Relief Grips relieve the strain on the terminals. The Bus Drop Grips provide positive permanent support which, unlike rigid conduit systems, can be adjusted instantly if equipment is repositioned. Almost any system can be installed quickly even in cases where equipment and bus duct are distantly located or awkwardly positioned. CLOSED MESH–DOUBLE EYE–SINGLE WEAVE Use when cable is vertical and extends past the grip without bending. May be fastened to open hooks within 15° from vertical axis. Allows fully balanced load as long as eyes are equally supported. CLOSED MESH–SINGLE EYE–SINGLE WEAVE Use when cable is vertical, when the cable bends, or where a single attachment eases application. DOUBLE EYE GRIPS • Breaking strength listed is for straight uniform load with balanced eye loading. If this condition is not true, rating reduction by at least 50% may be required. • Maximum angle of eye (from longitudinal centerline of grip) is 15°, actual dimension from cable varies with bail length. • Do not increase diameter of formed eye. • Decreasing radius of formed eye is usually not harmful. SINGLE EYE GRIPS • Single eye is strongest attachment. • Use when cable bends or where single attachment is desired. • No unequal loading probe as with double eye type. MATERIAL The standard mesh material is galvanized steel which has high tensile strength and corrosion resistance (more than adequate for most indoor applications). Optional stainless steel grips are available. All Bus Drop Grips are “Wide Range" (to accept more cable per size) with strand equalizers which uniformly distribute compressive force over a large area of the cable for maximum gripping strength with minimum concentration of force without pinching the cable. (Continues on next page.) 72 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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