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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 74

WIDE RANGE STRAIN RELIEF GRIPS Wide Range Strain Relief Grips connect flexible cord or bus drop cable to electrical enclosures and equipment. Designed primarily to prevent pull tension on cable to be transmitted to the joints or terminals. The National Electrical Code requires terminal tension protection. Easily installed. Primary applications are indoors in the wiring of electrical enclosures, such as power boxes, cabinets, panel boards, machine tools, portable power tools, power centers and bus drop cable systems. They can be used with Bus Drop Grips and Safety Springs to provide a complete flexible cord system that adapts to any layout. WORKING LOAD/SAFETY FACTOR This is abbreviated version of the more detailed information on catalog page 71. The approximate breaking strength of a Remke grip (as shown in the catalog) represents an average calculation based on test factors which have been determined in our engineering labs using NEW grips and metal rods. As a rule of thumb the working load may be considered 1/10 of the approximate breaking strength listed in the catalog. CAUTION: The broad application of Remke grips requires adequate safety factors be used to establish a SAFE working load. Refer to specific catalog pages for more information. MATERIAL The standard mesh design is wide range mesh single weave, made of galvanized steel. Gasket seals are made of P.V.C. Available with insulated or non-insulated fittings made of aluminum. FACTORY ASSISTANCE When factory assistance is required for specific applications, etc., please be prepared to provide all pertinent information: 1. Object to be gripped 2. Material of object to be gripped 3. Environment (temperature, abrasion corrosion) 4. Diameter range 5. Eye length 6. Mesh length 7. Mesh material 8. Length of support 9. Other special conditions FEATURES/BENEFITS • The mesh exerts a uniformly distributed compressive force over a large area of the cable for maximum gripping without pinching the cable. • An endless weave conforms to the cable jacket, eliminating wedging or crushing of the cable at that point. • Mesh material has high tensile strength and corrosion resistance (more than adequate for most indoor applications). • P.V.C. gasket seals out large dust particles, lint or metal filings and other contaminants from the electrical connections. • SR series has a male N.P.T. tapered thread and locknut for the 1/2"–2-1/2" thread size. This allows easy attachment to enclosures up to 3/8" thick. An insulated bushing is provided to prevent metal to conductor contact. • Adjusts to wide range of cable or cord diameters, so fewer grips are needed to fit many cable sizes. • Readily installed, adjusted, repositioned, removed or reused. • Makes relocating plant wiring and machines easy. • Automatically adjust their gripping to hold the required load. • No special installer skills or special tools required. 74 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM

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