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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 76

Remke Molded Connectors & Cordsets TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY ™ Faster Installation to Lower Costs, Improve Productivity & Eliminate Downtime Molded Connectors and Cordsets... Are manufactured for easier installation, maintenance and reliability to keep your costs low and your production up! They are commonly used as sensor connectors and in control devices where easy change-out is needed. As the demand grows for greater levels of circuit integrity and production uptime, so does the need for molded cable assemblies with pin-connectors. PEOLHVDUHWKHULJKWFKRLFHIRUUHOLDELOLW\ ,QGXVWULHVWKDWGHSHQGRQDXWRPDWHGSURFHVVHVÀQGWKDWPROGHGFDEOHDVVHPEOLHVDUHWKHULJKWFKRLFHIRUUHOLDELOLW\ KDQH[WHQVLYHLQYHQWRU\UHDG\ 5HPNH7XII
/LQNŒ0ROGHG&RQQHFWRUV &RUGVHWVDUHPDGHLQWKH86$ZLWKDQH[WHQVLYHLQYHQWRU\UHDG\ to ship to OEM's and distributors all over the world. Our molded connectors meet the standards you need for use with sensors and control devices to provide easier initial installations ations & quick component replacement in all types of industrial applications. The Remke Family of Molded Connector Products The Tuff-Link family offers a wide-range of standard cable & connector options ns including: • 00LFUR
/LQNFRQQHFWRUVDYDLODEOHLQ39&&#0f;385&#0f;73( 5XEEHU • 2-12 pole Mini-Link connectors with selection of cable & molding material • M12 connectors • M12 Etherlink connectors • 8mm Pico-Link connectors • Micro-Port & Mini-Port Distribution Boxes • M12 & M8 Attachable connectors • %XV6\VWHPSURGXFWVIRU'HYLFH1HWŒ  RWKHU&$1QHWZRUNDUFKLWHFWXUH Meeting the Needs of A Single Customer :LWKRXUH[SDQVLYHFRPSRQHQWLQYHQWRU\5HPNHFDQFUHDWHPRUHFRQÀJXUDWLRQV & combinations than anybody else. Engineered solutions are available to all FXVWRPHUVZLWKQRDGGLWLRQDOIHHV:KHQWKHSURGXFW\RXQHHGGRHVQ·W exist in the standard line talk to us ..... The Remke Engineered Solutions team . Why Choose Remke? When you choose Remke you say goodbye to logistical nightmares like delivery times and product quality from RIIVKRUHSURGXFHUV0DGH
86$PHDQVZH&#0a;UH literally/physically closer to you so that molded connectors & cord grips can be delivered when you need them. 76

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