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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 78

TUFF-LINK ™ TECHNOLOGY Tuff-Link TM Molded Connectors & Cordsets PICO-LINK CONNECTORS Designed to meet critical IP 65 and IP 67 standards, the family of Pico-Link connectors features standard 0&#1b;FRXSOHUVLQRUSROHFRQÀJXUDWLRQV&#0f;VWUDLJKWRU &#1c;
GHJUHH&#0f;PDOHDQGIHPDOH&RQQHFWRUFDEOHRSWLRQV include PVC for outstanding durability in general LQGXVWULDODSSOLFDWLRQV&#0f;RU385IRUVXSHULRUUHVLVWDQFH DJDLQVWRLODQGFRQWLQXRXVÁH[LQJDQGIRUH[FHOOHQW abrasion resistance in high abuse areas. Pico-Link connectors feature: •  6SDFHVDYLQJFRPSDFWGHVLJQ²HVSHFLDOO\ useful in applications with a high density of inputs & outputs • Gold-plated brass contacts for enhanced corrosion resistance and conductivity •  1LFNHO
SODWHGEUDVVFRXSOLQJQXWVIRU enhanced corrosion resistance •  

WHVWLQJWRHQVXUH optimal performance Engineered Solutions for Pico-Link connectors can include unique M8/M12 cordset combinations & variable cable lengths. MICRO-LINK CONNECTORS Micro-Link connectors are available in four different PDWHULDOV²39&&#0f;385&#0f;73(DQG5XEEHU²WRSURWHFW against environmental and temperature concerns. This family of connectors, cable assemblies and receptacles RIIHU1(0$3DQG,3&#1b;SURWHFWLRQLQWKUXSROH FRQÀJXUDWLRQV&#0f;VWUDLJKWRU&#1c;
GHJUHH&#0f; male & female. Micro-Link connectors feature: • 3LQFRQÀJXUDWLRQVXVHGE\PDMRU86  European sensor manufacturers • Machined contacts (instead of stamped contacts) for highly accurate tolerances • Shielded and splitter styles • Gold-plated contacts for enhanced corrosion-resistance and conductivity • High-impact resistant contact carriers for longer product life • Vibration-resistant design so the connector will stay securely fastened to the sensor or mating receptacle Engineered Solutions for Micro-Link connectors can range from special colors & lengths to unique materials and hardware options, to special wire preparation like stripping or tinning of conductors. M12 ETHERLINK CONNECTORS Remke M12 Etherlink Connectors feature our industrial-strength Micro-Link molded connectors with industry-standard D-coding for Ethernet and Fieldbus use. M12 connectors are very sturdy despite their small size, and they provide a reliable connection even when VXEMHFWHGWRVKRFNRUYLEUDWLRQ(WKHUOLQNFRQQHFWRUV offer IEC 11801:2002 Cat5 compliance with TPE cable that is shielded against EMC interference. Easy-to-LQVWDOO73(FDEOHLVDOVRLGHDOIRUKLJKÁH[DSSOLFDWLRQV in harsh environments where the highest degree of oil resistance and extended service life are essential. 5DWHG,3&#1b;DQG1(0$3&#0f;5HPNH0(WKHUQHW connectors support data rates up to a Gigabit and are able to withstand the most rugged industrial environmental conditions to ensure high Ethernet or Fieldbus network availability. Quick and cost-effective to install and put into operation, these M12 connectors are molded to shielded TPE cable for Cat5e data SHUIRUPDQFH
Ý(0,VKLHOGLQJLVLPSRUWDQWWRDOO applications that depend on both high bandwidth and secure data transmission. Features of Remke M12 Etherlink Connectors includes: • Single and double-ended options • Available in male & female, straight and &#1c;

Ý& • Receptacles designed for conventional threaded connections to ensure reliable mating • 

WHPSHUDWXUHÁH[LELOLW\DQGUHVLVWV solvents, chemicals and fuels better than ordinary PVC. Applications for Remke M12 Ethernet connectors include manufacturing, process control, factory automation and more. 78

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