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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 79

MINI-LINK CONNECTORS Mini-Link rubber plugs & cable assemblies are ideally VXLWHGIRUDSSOLFDWLRQVZKHUHÁH[LELOLW\DQGUHVLVWDQFH to stress, abuse or harsh environments or a broad temperature range is important. Connector/cable options include PVC (plastic) for general industrial applications and Silicone for high-temperature concerns. Mini-Link connectors are available in 
GHJUHH&#0f; male & female. Mini-Link connectors feature: • 1(0$3 ,3&#1b;SURWHFWLRQ • 1LFNHOFRDWHGWKHQJROG
SODWHGFRQWDFWVIRUHQKDQFHG corrosion resistance & conductivity • Precision machined contacts for highly accurate tolerances • Pins & contacts crimped onto wires assuring secure terminations • &RQQHFWRUVWKDWPHHWRUH[FHHG8/&#0f;&6$&#0f;1(0$&#0f;  6$(&#0f;,(&DQGDXWRPRWLYHVSHFLÀFDWLRQV • Heavy-duty SOOW, SJOOW or STOW cable options Engineered Solutions for Mini-Link connectors can range from unique lengths to optional materials and hardware to different assemblies for adapters or special wire preparation like stripping or tinning of conductors. MICRO-PORT AND MINI-PORT I/O BOXES Tuff-Link I/O Boxes consolidate up to 12 connections into a single base unit which reduces the cabling required in control system wiring. These boxes can be used with either 12mm or 18mm proximity sensors, limit switches, solenoids or miniature controls. All I/O boxes feature parallel wiring, gold-plated contacts for enhanced connectivity and are available with 39&&#0f;385RU5XEEHUFDEOHVWRDGGUHVVGLIIHUHQW environmental concerns. Micro-Port I/O Boxes feature: • 4, 6 or 8 outlets • RUSROHVLQJOHRUGXDONH\ZD\FRQÀJXUDWLRQV Mini-Port I/O Boxes feature: • 4, 6, or 8 outlets • SROHFRQÀJXUDWLRQ Engineered Solutions for Tuff-Link I/O Boxes includes custom wiring, labeling, color, packaging, hardware and even combination boxes that are part mini, part micro. BUS SYSTEM CONNECTOR PRODUCTS Tuff-Link Bus System Connector Products have been GHVLJQHGWRPHHW'HYLFH1HWŒDQGRWKHU&$1EXV system network architecture. Designed for harsh industrial environments including IP 68 conditions, our bus system products includes connectors, cable assemblies, receptacles, molded tees, terminators and VHYHUDOW\SHVRIPXOWL
SRUWMXQFWLRQER[HV Features of our Bus System Connector products include: • 1(0$&#0f;,(&&#0f;8/DQG&6$VWDQGDUGV • Single or double-ended cable assemblies in a variety  RIPDOHIHPDOHDQGVWUDLJKW&#1c;
GHJUHHFRQÀJXUDWLRQV • Standard O-Rings and locknuts in the panel mount receptacles (usually additional from other manufacturers) to form the tightest seal possible • 3DVVLYHIHHG
WKUXDQGSDVVLYHGURSMXQFWLRQER[HV • Optional stainless steel couplers Engineered Solutions are available for any FRQÀJXUDWLRQRI%XV6\VWHP&RQQHFWRU3URGXFWV including variations by length of cable, connector color & corrosion-resistant hardware. ATTACHABLE CONNECTORS 7XII
GLVFRQQHFWW\SHVDQG provide positive, compact cable terminations in harsh environments. Attachable connectors are ideal for creating FXVWRPOHQJWKFRUGVHWVLQWKHÀHOG Features of our Tuff-Link Attachable Connectors include: • Meet IP 67 standards • Gold-plated contacts for enhanced corrosion-resistance and conductivity • Easy methods of cable termination DQGLGHQWLÀFDWLRQ 79

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