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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 80

Tuff-Link Engineered Solutions Are Second To None In the Tuff-Link TM family of Molded Connectors & Cordsets, you can mix and match from our extensive selection of special materials, special hardware, VSHFLDOZLULQJ&#0f;FXVWRPSDFNDJLQJ&#0f;NLWWLQJDQGSULYDWHODEHOLQJWRGHYHORSWKH0ROGHG&RQQHFWRURU&RUGVHWWKDWPHHWV\RXUVSHFLÀFQHHGV Special Materials For coupling nuts and receptacle bodies, you can FKR R VHI UR P WKHVHÀYHW\SHVR I VSHFL DO PDWHUL DO V&#1d; Special Hardware • You can choose from a variety of custom receptacle bodies and coupling nuts. • Anodized Aluminum: for most industrial applications • Stainless Steel: durability in severely corrosive environments • 1RQ
3ODWHG%UDVV&#1d;FRUURVLRQUHVLVWDQW FRQIRUPV to EMC requirements • 5HPNHRIIHUVÀYHW\SHVRIFXVWRPVKHOOV&#1e;ÁDQJHPRXQW&#0f;SDQHO mount, back panel mount, P.C. type and SAE or metric threading • For couplers you can select either internally threaded, externally WKUHDGHGRUWKH¶KRXVLQJSURWHFWLYH·W\SHZKHUHWKHFRXSOHULV threaded but covers the entire sensor for protection • Peek™ polymers: ideal for applications with high temperatures or high pressure water Custom Cable Assemblies Special Wiring • For custom products or specials, Remke offers several types of special wiring including: combination wiring where one side is SDUDOOHODQGWKHRWKHULVZLUHGLQVHULHV&#1e;LQWHUORFNLQJFLUFXLWZLULQJ&#1e; SDUDOOHOZLULQJ&#1e;VHULHVZLULQJ&#1e;DQGZLULQJWKDWLVVSHFLÀHG by a customer. Special Materials For Over Molding and Cable Include the Following: • Rubber for use in applications with extremes of temperatures, hot substrates like weld spatter, or where solvents, oil and coolants exist • Silicone that is best used in high temperatures • PVC which is best for general assembly applications • 385IRUH[FHOOHQWDEUDVLRQUHVLVWDQFHIRUKLJKDEXVHDUHDV • TPE that offers excellent chemical and abrasion resistance Custom Packaging, Kitting and Private Labeling (Viton is a registered trademark of DuPont.) 80

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