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Remke Electrical Connectivity Solutions Catalog 81 : Page 83

CORD CONNECTORS TUFF-LINK TECHNOLOGY TM PICO-LINK (M8) CONNECTORS PRODUCT FAMILY PICO-LINK 8 MM CONNECTORS Compact Pico-Link Connectors from Remke Industries are available in coupler (or threaded) versions to allow easy and secure connections for the smallest of control devices. This family of industrial interconnects are available in male or female 3 and 4 pole configurations in either straight or 90° designs. Features of the 8mm Pico-Link family of interconnects and cordsets includes: TM WIRE MESH GRIPS PICO-LINK TYPICAL APPLICATIONS USING PICO-LINK CONNECTORS Automotive assembly Robotic end-arm tooling Sensors on conveyors Gear tooth sensing Material handling equipment Packaging equipment MICRO-LINK • Space savings compact design – especially useful in locations with a high density of inputs & outputs • PVC cable for outstanding durability or PUR for superior resistance against oil, abrasions & continuous flexing PRODUCTS WHICH TYPICALLY USE PICO-LINK CONNECTORS ETHERLINK • Excellent resistance to common industrial oils & fluids • Gold-plated brass contacts provide a durable and consistent low-resistance path 8mm tubular proximity sensors Miniature photoelectric sensors Flow sensors Miniature modular controls • Nickel-plated brass coupling nuts for enhanced corrosion resistance MINI-LINK MULTI-PORT BOXES BUS SYSTEM PRODUCTS 1.800.383.1524 | WWW.REMKE.COM 83

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